AUGUST 2014 Creation banned in English Schools


Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. (Hebrews 11:3)


The introduction of Free Schools by the British government has been grasped as an opportunity by some Evangelicals. Free Schools are essentially independent state-funded schools set up by parents, charities, faith groups and often previously existing schools. Setting aside for a moment the question as to what business the State has involving itself in education, accepting money from the State to run a Christian school may well stabilise finances in these hard-pressed days, but at what cost?

The teaching of creation in State-funded schools has from the outset been at the centre of widespread controversy. It has given wind to poisonous articles by those who would like to see an end to all things Christian and are simply using the occasion to try to achieve their real aims. The Department for Children, Education and Schools has made its position very clear: “Creationism, intelligent design and similar ideas must not be taught as valid scientific theories.” The then Education Secretary, Michael Gove, seemed uncertain and the guidance to schools unclear when he said that applications for Free School status from creationist groups would be considered on a case-by-case basis. Under pressure from the British Centre for Science Education, the self-styled ‛leading anti-creationist organisation in Europe’, Gove was compelled to say that he would “not accept any academy or free school proposal which plans to teach creationism in the science curriculum or as an alternative to accepted scientific theories.” Mr Gove is “crystal clear that teaching creationism is at odds with scientific fact”. Such statements ought to be sufficient to deter any Christian group from seeking to open a Free School.

Undeterred many have still pressed ahead. There can only be two possible reasons. One, they themselves hold ambivalent views on the Scripture account of creation. Two, they are prepared to make some compromises in order to secure government funding. Consequently, in order to meet government criteria many have said, as ‛teaching creationism as science will not be allowed’ they will not be teaching creation as science, but as part of religious education. Many are happy to teach evolution alongside creation as an established scientific principle. One Church leader behind a proposed Free School told the BBC that creationism would be embodied as a belief but not taught in the sciences. Evolution would also be taught as a theory so that children should have a broad knowledge of all theories so that they can make an informed choice. Such remarks border on the disingenuous, are most certainly contradictory and confusing, and really amount to a sell-out to humanism. There are those whose adherence to the biblical account appears to be built on shifting sand, saying they do not share ‛the rigid creationist’s insistence on a literalistic interpretation of the first chapters of Genesis’. They are happy to say that God could have created the world in six days, but find themselves unable to affirm this as an arguable fact. What kind of a faith in God and His Word is that?

We see then that many of those attempting to bring creationist materials into the classroom have already thrown away the strength of their cause by claiming that creation is a legitimate ‛theory’ of the origins of the universe to be considered in an atmosphere of neutrality and taught alongside evolution. Instead, what must be understood is that creation is a threat to all evolutionists who strive to exclude any sign of plan or purpose in the world, least of all a divine one. Even to admit any possibility of a God-created world spells the end of their fraudulent ‛scientific’ fantasies about the origin of the universe. They assume an arrogant exclusivity for their beliefs and activities. Only they can know, they alone can dispense the truth. This explains why so many of them are so aggressive, bigoted and obnoxious when we meet them - closed hearts and closed minds to God and the Gospel.

There are no State-sponsored Churches to propagate the humanist faith. Its schools take the place of the Church. State schools ought to be shut down as a misuse of our tax money. Our cash should not be used the abuse our children’s minds, exposing them daily to anti-Christian propaganda, teaching them to be godless. This godlessness runs like a poison thread through every subject in the curriculum. We cannot expect creation to be accepted by our education authorities on the same ground as they do evolution. If we do this, they will always win. What must we do before everyone understands that State schools are humanist to the core? They will stamp on every vestige of Scripture truth and faith. Evolution is simply a huge confidence trick designed to push God out of the world He created. It is a convoluted myth that cannot be compared with God’s truth. Creation and evolution are not like two brands of cornflakes sitting on a shelf from which we have to chose which best suits our taste. It makes no sense fighting our corner in a world of rampant mythology, fairy stories; the truth has no place there. If one of these two positions is true, then the other must be a lie. Both cannot be true, one excludes the other. Evolution cannot be given any validity alongside the biblical account of creation. State Schools are massive machines grinding away at Christian belief. They teach evolution as genuine science when it is not and they will tolerate nothing else. To even attempt to ensure creation is taught alongside evolution in State financed schools is to misunderstand the nature of the humanistic education system they represent. This is what children are locked away to absorb each day - get them out of there now.

We must be clear in our own minds that many humanists, so full of hatred towards God in their hearts, were it possible, would make it illegal to allow creation to be taught as scientific fact in any school be it State-financed or independent, or even by parents in the privacy of their own home. They see creation as pseudoscience and many have said the teaching of it as genuine science to children is a form of abuse. They believe evolution by natural selection, including the evolution of homo sapiens from its predecessors, as indisputable facts of science; in this they are backed up by media outlets and politicians. From what we know from reading the Scriptures, we conclude all their ‛science’ is pseudoscientific hogwash. We cannot put ourselves at the beck and call of these God-haters just because we find the money useful. The cost is too high. If anyone wants to run a Christian school that’s great, just don't ask our apostate government to support you in any way and stay true to the Word of God.


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